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How long will it take for my move to be completed?

Every move is unique and hence requires respective time period. However, in general, it will take around 2-3 hours for 1 Bedroom apartment, 3-4 hours for 2 bedroom condo, 4-8 hours for a 3 Bedroom house. Please note that these are just the estimated time that may vary from situation to situation.

Will you give me any idea whether my goods has been fit in the vehicle provided?

As soon as you will be confirming the booking, we will try to figure out the estimated size and amount of the item to be moved, so that we can make the arrangement of the vehicle accordingly. We will try to use the vehicle as per the requirement so that the multiple trips can be avoided. Therefore, it is advisable and beneficial for use if you can provide us with the precise picture of all the goods to be moved at the initial stage only.

Will there be any assistance during packaging of goods from your end?

Of course, there will be complete assistance provided for packaging, as all the charges that we ask for include Packaging, Assembly / Dismantling and In-House Move. However, there will be extra charges apply for the material that will be used for packaging, or you can also opt to provide the required material from your end. All these things can be well discussed prior confirming for your booking with our representatives; they will even give you an estimate for the prices of the material as per your requirement.

What will be the estimated time period that I will be charged for?

The time will be down from the pickup address to that of the drop-off address. The minimum period is Half-hour that you can hire us. The charges will be applicable for one time Call-out fee, so that all the other involved costs can also be covered. After the completion of first 30 min, the second half hour starts ranging from 31mins to 60mins, and so on. The charges will be applicable based on the (Call-out fee) + (total ½ hours, for any additional costs including the Travel Time, more than 20 km from Melbourne CBD). Also, incase there appears to be a requirement of large trucks, the charges would be minimum of 2 hours + any additional costs.

Are there any separate charges for the travel time?

No, there are no separate charges for travel time as such including Fuel or Depot fees in Melbourne CBD area or 20 km from CBD.

Is there any variation in prices during weekends?

No, the charges remain the same for all the days in the week.

My move will be taking less time; will there be any negotiation in prices in that case?

Yes, of course, your bill will be raised in ½ hour increments and hence there will be an adjustment in your price accordingly.

My movement might include the heavy boxes; are there any extra charges for the same?

No, there are no separate charges for the heavy luggage. However, incase the moves does not find it safe for any other acceptable reason, then we do reserve the right to deny the moving.

Can plants be also moved?

Yes, however, it is advisable to move the plants prior the final date of movement, as they are a bit tricky to be moved.

What will be the position of the fridge in the movement, upright or laying down?

For the safety hazard, it is always better to put the fridge in the upright position; therefore it is recommendable to use truck so that the fridge can be easily moved into an upright position. Tip: Always, “switch-off” the fridge prior few hours of the movement and does not “turn-on” afterward the move.

What are the protection hazards for my furniture in the truck or any other vehicle during the movement?

All the furniture will be packed with the good padded blankets to ensure the complete protection. In case of requirement, we even use padded dollies specifically for the large furniture items.

What about insurance? Are you insured?

Definitely!! We are insured with Public Liability and Transit Insurance. You can even have a look on the relevant document upon the specific request.

Is our presence essential during the movement?

Yes, of course, either you or any other adult representative from your end needs to be present for signing the job-sheet prior the uploading and unloading and unloading.

Are you available to be contacted after office hours?

No! However, you can always drop a request at our call back service and we will call you back. But we do carry on the movements 7 days a week. In some of the cases, we even provide the respective mover’s contact details that enable you to contact them directly. This generally happens when your movement happens to fall after the office hours.