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How to Move Piano From One Place to Another Safely

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Moving items from one place to another is one hectic job and requires the most care and attention. Few things are rough and tough, and usually, do not call for much attention but there are few things which are heavy yet delicate and requires professional intervention to be carried around. The pianos one such item that is not easy to move, and it is not recommended to do it yourself.

Pianos are one of the great musical instruments which give way to the thoughts and imaginations. They are heavy and lifting them unprofessionally may lead to severe injuries and can harm piano as well. Therefore if you need to move a piano, stop trying yourself and call the professionals.

Here is everything you must know if you are planning to move your Piano from one location to another:

• In order to move the piano, you will be needing a few things in the first place. It is important to arrange all these things beforehand. Here is the complete list of items required:

  • Work Gloves
  • Tape or rope
  • Cloth or plastic wrap
  • Heavy duty dolly
  • Van Ramp
  • Straps used for weight lifting
  • Plastic bubble sheet
  • Cardboard

Apart from the things mentioned above, at least four people with upper body strength are required to make this move.

• With the help of tape or rope, measure the path through which piano has to pass, mark the area. It will help you to get the fair idea of space. Make sure to clear all the obstructions through this passage, even carpet is considered as an obstruction.

• Remove any external components or decorative items from piano before moving the same.

• Now start wrapping the piano to ensure that no harm is done to the same. Firstly cover the keyboard with lid and then wrap it with tape. For rest of the body, you can either cover it with plastic bubble sheet or with cloth, but make sure to cover everything with tape at the end to ensure safety. As far as the grand piano is concerned it is recommended to use moving blankets.

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• Once all the wrapping is done, it is time to lift the piano. Normal piano weighs about 130 kg whereas the grand piano is approximately 500kgs. To life the piano it is important to wear work gloves, at least 4 people are required to lift the piano, the higher the number easy will be the lifting. Professionals generally use the electronic machine to lift the same but at times it has to be done manually as well. Electronic machines are relatively safe and exert less pressure on the body.

• Use dolly straps to strap the piano. Make sure that strapping is done properly otherwise it can cause major damage or injury.

• Now start pushing the dolly.

• While placing the piano in the van make sure that pushing and pulling are done at the same time. It is recommended to use lifting straps, also it is advised to make provision of the ramp as it will help you to transit piano smoothly in the van.

• Ensure that in a van the empty spaces are filled with some bouncy stuff. It is really very important to stuff the gap to avoid any kind of damage to the piano.

We recommend to contact experts only for this job, but still, if you try it yourself and while lifting if you feel that piano is going to fall, it is better to get out of the way as it can cause some severe injuries.